Novakid Magic Academy. Chapter 8
Novakid Magic Academy

Chapter Eight which Astro and Luna visit Marty’s Laboratory

Marty threw the door open, and Astro and Luna saw a truly amazing picture: Marty’s room was full of various devices: there was a microscope, vials, some strange gadgets with magnet coils, wires and microcircuits. Music speakers stood next to a huge refrigerator with a transparent glass door, packed with jars of all colors, shapes and sizes filled with various substances: green jelly, blue liquid and some violet-colored cream.

Luna and AStro in Marty's lab

“Wow! Gee!” Luna exclaimed. “It’s an actual laboratory!”
“So cool!” Astro said excitedly.
“Unfortunately, there’s not enough free space, it’s stuffed with all kinds of equipment, but we’ll come up with something,” With his small hands, Marty grasped a huge box stacked on an armchair near the table, rolled back and placed the box on the floor. “Well, now you can sit in the armchair and on this box.”
“And what’s this?” Astro asked pointing on a metal box.

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