Novakid Magic Academy. Chapter 7
Novakid Magic Academy

Chapter Seven which Astro and Luna travel ten flights of stairs and learn the entire history of androids on the way

My name is Marty. I’m an android of the twenty-fifth generation with autonomous thinking and capability to make conscious decisions.”
Luna and Astro were standing in front of someone resembling a barrel, only the “barrel” had metal legs, arms (the android extended one hand as a sign of friendship), and large round illuminator-shaped eyes.
“My name is Luna,” Luna shook the metal limb of her new friend warily.
“And I’m Astro,” Astro shook Marty’s limb as well.

Marty, Luna and Astro are going up the stairs

“Nice to meet you, my friends!” Marty exclaimed. “Professor Novus Wizword asked me to help you with the investigation.”
“Two days ago, a student of the Magic Speech house disappeared, and a gremlinwas found in the building of the Academy. We later tried to catch the gremlin,” Luna started telling with agitation.
“Yes, and Professor Novus has made us his new assistants and gave us an assignment to investigate those mysterious events,” Astro chimed in with the most serious expression.
“How can you help us?” Luna asked. “What can you do?” …

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