Novakid Magic Academy. Chapter 6
Novakid Magic Academy

Chapter Six which another disappearance is revealed

At home, before falling asleep, Alex was tormented with a single question: whether he would find Bartholomeow in the kitchen or elsewhere in the apartment when the morning came. The cat had teleported from the library somewhere, either back home, or… Alex didn’t even want to think about the second option. However, it was highly likely that his beloved cat went missing. This thought kept Alex awake and restless under the blanket until two in the morning. The rest of the night he was tormented by nightmares of Bartholomeow flying away to the outer space without anyone to rescue him.
That’s why in the morning, when Alex’s mother woke him up, he was very grumpy. And who would be happy to go to school at an early hour without having any proper sleep? But as soon as Alex remembered his worries of the previous day, instead of his usual morning rumble, he asked his mother,

Alex is searching for Barth

“Mo-o-o-o-om, have you seen Bartholomeow?”
“No, not yet. He must be sleeping somewhere. Why?”
“Well, it’s nothing. He was in my room in the evening yesterday, and now he isn’t.”
“Oh, you know him. He’s here today and there tomorrow. Cats. They like walking wherever they want,” his mother said.
Alex wasn’t satisfied with the answer at all, so before going to the bathroom he examined his room, and on his way to the kitchen—the living room. There was no sign of Bartholomeow…

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