Novakid Magic Academy: Chapter 5
Novakid Magic Academy

Chapter Five which the friends don’t find answers to any questions

Alex opened his eyes to find himself in an abundantly decorated room. A large chandelier with a diameter of five Labradors was shining brightly with a thousand lights. Paintings on the walls were moving as if they were alive, busts on the shelves were curiously watching the newcomers who appeared in the center of the room. Heavy curtains embroidered with scenes from the reverse world’s history were
drawn to protect visitors of the room from prying eyes. Having realized that he was in a guestroom, Alex started looking for his friends.
Luna and Astro were lying nearby and seemed unconscious. There was no sign of Bartholomeow or the gremlin. However, there was a lidded kitchen pot right between
Alex and his friends, Luna and Astro. It looked similar to those Alex’s mother used to bake potatoes with vegetables and mushrooms on weekends.

Alex wakes up in Novus' office

Alex hurried to Luna and Astro and checked their pulse. Both had had a heartbeat but seemed to be asleep.
“Luna, Astro, can you hear me?!”
Neither even moved.
“I haven’t caught the gremlin, and who knows what happened to my friends. What should I do now?!” Alex asked himself out loud.
“It’s alright, my friend.”
Alex looked around but didn’t see anyone.
“Who’s speaking? Who is here?”

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