Novakid Magic Academy. Capter 4
Novakid Magic Academy

Chapter Four which we learn about traveling through space

There was silence in the room. The discussion obviously came to a deadlock. And then, as it often happens, the decision appeared by itself.
“I know!” Someone said in the darkness.
“Who’s here?” The three friends exclaimed in one voice.
“Don’t you worry, I’m a friend. And I know how to solve your problem.” The contour of some long-tailed, large, and fluffy creature appeared from the shadows. When the mysterious stranger approached the three friends, they all saw that it was a cat. Alex didn’t recognize his pet at once, because Bartholomeow changed so much! In this half of the world, he was walking on two paws like Luna, which made him look much larger and taller than his usual self

“To everyone who doesn’t know me, let me introduce myself: hereditary eater of sour cream and milk, chevalier of the Three Sausages Order, Bartholomeow George Innocentius VI. Magic cat in the sixth generation.”
Alex completely lost the power of speech. He has been a student of the Magic Academy for two years already, but only now did he find out that Bartholomeow was some magic cat. He had always considered him small fluffy lazybones who was either eating something or sleeping somewhere.
“Bartholomeow …” Alex muttered, confused.

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