Novakid Magic Academy: Chapter3
Novakid Magic Academy

Chapter Three which we learn about traveling through space

Alex was sitting on a bed and reading a book. Just a boy in a regular apartment ofa regular city. There was nothing special about the situation at all, apart from a little detail: the book he was reading was written in a magic language. Alex still couldn’t understand all the words, but he was trying. Next to him there was a smartphone with an electronic dictionary—Alex used it to find meanings of new words. Suddenly, a notification popped up on the screen. Alex checked it and froze in surprise. There was a message from the user “Novakid Magic Academy” saying: “We need help!”
It seemed like one of his friends had managed to send a message to the human world. But who? Alex didn’t know. It wasn’t what mattered, though. The important thing was that someone out there needed his help. Knowing this, he just couldn’t stay idle. However, Alex also couldn’t teleport to another world without notice. Should his parents and cat Bartholomeow find him absent from his room, they would start worrying. He had to find a solution. Alex got off his bed and walked out of the room, to see his mom and dad in front of the TV.
“Mo-o-om, da-a-ad, I’m going to go to sleep, okay?”

Mother put the video on pause.
“Why so early?” She asked in surprise.
“No reason… just feeling tired… And I need to be at school early tomorrow…”
“You aren’t sick, I hope?” Alarmed, Alex’s mother came closer and put her hand on his forehead.
“No, it’s all right. Just want to sleep.”
“Very well, sweetheart, have a good night,” mother said and kissed his forehead…

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