'Easy Breezy': Week 3
Easy Breezy

‘Easy Breezy’: Week 3

For the 3rd week of our Novakid Easy Breezy online summer camp, the topic is – “Move Your Body!”

In lessons with native speakers, your kids will discover the secrets to all the different kinds of sports. From everyone’s favourite football, to exotic cricket and rugby – the young campers will improve their sports vocabulary. It’ll be even more fun to watch the Olympics in Tokyo!

In the workshops, children can make table football from a cardboard box and two fantastic, dynamic cards that can bring a smile to anyone’s face. Better yet, there will be even more cartoons than usual! The kids are going to have a blast!

Between July 26 and August 1, camp members will get:


I’m Not Scared of the Crocodile 4-6+. There once was a crocodile, who didn’t like to hunt… A charming sketch about a predator, who tried living the ordinary life, and what this led him to. This Spanish cartoon was presented at prestigious international festivals in Annecy, Bristol and Milan.

A Shorter Letter 4-6+. The story of 7-year-old Tom, who had a letter exchange with Santa. Through it, he finds out that, to be happy, he doesn’t need all those toys that he dreamed of. Together with Tom, we can think about conscious consumption, especially around Christmas time, as this is the period of generous giving and all kinds of over-indulgence.

Yes, Virginia, 7-9+. You will take part in a breathtaking journey to New York with 8-year-old Virginia, who is trying to find out whether Santa Claus is real.

Hannah and the Moon 10-12+. A lonely girl, looking for someone to talk to, shares her secrets with the Moon each night. Usually, she can see it from her bedroom window, but one night the clouds cover up her view. Then she comes out into the garden to find her celestial friend. This philosophical parable is about children, parents, and the importance of a mother’s love.

The Opposites Game, 10-12+. Have you heard about the game of opposites? Yours – mine, life – death. One day a conflict breaks out in class during this game – what word can be the opposite of “gun”?!

16 cartoons from the Russian animation studio, “Soyuzmultfilm”

Members of the camp get to see especially chosen episodes of series such as “Monsikids”, “Orange Moo-cow”, “The Secrets of the Honey Hills”, “Squared Zebra” and “The Adventures of Peter and Wolf”. All the cartoons are dubbed into English and have subtitles.


Move your body! In this lesson, children can do a fun workout in English, improve their sports-themed vocabulary and take part in some captivating quizzes. They can also find out how many calories are burned by doing ordinary things, such as walking the dog or riding your bike.

Let’s talk about sports. Hmmm, what sport should I do? Karate, tennis, gymnastics, swimming, or maybe, cricket? A Novakid teacher will talk about the most interesting sports and can help choose one. As usual, the children can expect some exciting games, where they will test their wit and find out a few new facts about sports.

World sports. In this lesson, the children will learn to discuss different types of sports, as well as to analyse their feelings through victory or defeat. Their teacher will tell them the differences between cricket, baseball and softball. Then they can show off their knowledge in front of friends!


Workshop 1
Why not make a fantastically beautiful and dynamic card with your own hands? This one is particularly easy to make! The kids will only need some paper—white and coloured, pencils, and scissors. You’re guaranteed to delight anyone with such a gift!

Workshop 2
Doesn’t making a table football set to enjoy with your friends out of a cardboard box sound great? Only 15-30 minutes, and your gaming experience will be ready to go.

Workshop 3
In this thrilling workshop, the children get to draw funny characters, Mr. Pineapple and Mr. Banana, who will have an amusing basketball game. This craft can also make a great present, which will turn any frown upside down.

Camp members can expect prizes from the animation studio “Soyuzmultfilm”, the company ELARI, confectionary manufacturer Haribo, and Novakid. To compete for 1st place, post a photo or video of any craft you have made in our workshops, on Instagram, Likee or Tiktok with hashtags #EasyBreezy_Camp and #Novakid. The most eye-catching, creative works will be chosen, and we will send the gifts to our winners regardless their location!

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