Novakid Magic Academy: Chapter 1
Novakid Magic Academy

Chapter one which we learn a bit about dragons, people, and the emergence of the Academy

Luna and Astro entered a spacious study. Peaking in through a large window, the morning sun was filling the room with light. Shelves along the walls were packed with books mixed with all kinds of things: vials of potions, astrolabes, tubes and ancient maps side by side with small figurines of people, animals, trees, and mountains. Luna and Astro found themselves across a desk with some ancient books, papers, a globe, and an hourglass.

Both visitors were ill at ease: they fidgeted in the armchair without knowing how to arrange their tails properly. Astro sniffed at multiple smells in the surrounding air while Luna wiggled her whiskers pensively. It was their first time in the Headmaster’s office.

A massive door right in front of the window opened, and a dragon came in. This was Novus Wisword, the Headmaster of the Novakid Magic Academy. Yellow scales on his tail, wings and legs were shining like gold in the sunlight. The rest of his body was covered with a long cape, the color of which was that of an unripe avocado. Novus’s dark green eyes were observing the world through glasses, and he always had
a pencil tucked behind his ear to make notes in books.

“Welcome, my friends!”
“How do you do, Your Wisesty Novus Wisword!” Luna and Astro responded in unison.
“My friends, you have been students of the Novakid Magic Academy for several years now. You are known as the best students of your houses. So today, I have invited you with an offer of becoming my assistants. You are just everything I need: young, brave, and smart. Are you ready to serve the Academy?”
Astro and Luna exchanged glances, nodded to each other, and answered:
“That’s very fine, my friends. We have a lot to accomplish. But first of all, you need to hear the story of the world.”…

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