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What's another word for coolness?

Giulia Rossi
Giulia Rossi
What's another word for coolness?
Good day. I stumbled upon a school project poster that was titled "Another Word for Coolness." please give another meaning for (coolness) so i understand the phrase
2 months ago
1 answers
Vic C
Vic C
Viktor_Curcic - Tutor account
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"Coolness" refers to the quality or sensation of being at a lower temperature, often providing relief from heat or warmth. 

It can also describe a refreshing or chilled feeling experienced on the skin or in the air. 

Synonyms for "coolness" include chilliness, coldness, freshness, and crispness. 

For example, “The coolness of the breeze provided welcome relief on a hot summer day.”

I hope this helps!

1 month ago
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