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Virtual Explorer

Intensive speaking course

In these stimulating Virtual Explorer lessons, we take language immersion to an even higher level, for the more cognitively mature student. Students will learn, discuss, debate and explore the world, both ancient and modern, it’s people, environment, places and their history. Through 360-degree images, an authentic experience is created to travel to faraway places like the Galapagos Islands and closer destinations like the city of London. These lessons are designed to broaden students’ horizons while they are improving their lexis, upgrading their fluency and having fun, all at the same time.
  • Communication skills

    By the end of Virtual Explorer program, your child will be able to talk and voice their opinion about:

    • The arts
    • Modern society
    • Future predictions
    • Environmental issues
    • Historical events
  • Vocabulary

    Students expand vocabulary on the following topics:

    • Art and Entertainment
    • Technology and Science
    • Environmental issues
    • Modern society
    • Cultural geography
    • Travel and tourism
  • Grammar

    Virtual Explorer grammar includes:

    • Conditionals
    • Comparative forms
    • Future tenses
    • Modal verbs
    • Past simple
    • Passive voice