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Intensive speaking course

The Time2Talk course is designed for children with a basic knowledge of grammar and sufficient vocabulary (level A1-B1 or level 3, 4 Novakid) in addition to the general course at school. The program activates conversational skills and provides the opportunity to apply the knowledge in live communication with a native speaker. Time2Talk includes 40 lessons, every one of which is a separate topic with its own unique vocabulary and conversational practices. Lessons include discussions, role-playing games and discussions to help the student gain confidence in speaking.
  • Communication skills

    By the end of the Time2Talk program children will be able to speak and express their opinion on:

    • various forms of art
    • different genres of music
    • different gadgets and their cost
    • eating habits and healthy food
    • various and rare professions
    • fantasy world and tell stories about mystical creatures
    • different countries, their traditions, customs, languages, culture
    • natural disasters and how to behave
    • superheroes
    • various genres, plot, cast of films and cartoons
    • humorous stories, describe humorous pictures
  • Vocabulary

    Students expand vocabulary on the following topics:

    • Art
    • Music
    • Gadgets
    • My health
    • My personality
    • Unusual professions
    • Fantasy world
    • Around the world
    • Natural disasters
    • Superheroes
    • Films and cartoons
    • Humor and jokes
  • Grammar

    Time2Talk grammar includes:

    • Present Simple
    • Past Simple
    • Present Simple
    • Present Continuous
    • Past Continuous
    • Present Perfect
    • Degrees of comparison
    • Modal verbs
    • Phrasal verbs
    • Prepositions of place and time
    • Structure and conjunctions of complex sentences