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Level 2

Level 2

Level 2 of Novakid program is created for children of 8-9 years old. Students learn English in an interesting and engaging way. They feel confident, because they already know a lot of words on various topics and basic grammatical constructions. They can express simple thoughts, understand the teacher, can participate in elementary conversation. By the end of Level 2 children are ready to take Pre-A1 exam (YLE Starters) (Listening and Speaking)

  • Communication skills

    By the end of Level 2 students are able to:

    • speak about the location of objects using various prepositions
    • describe the feelings of others
    • compare and describe animals
    • count to 100 in English
    • speak about favorite toys, animals, flowers, sports
    • speak about family
    • speak about preferences
    • speak about everyday activities (watching TV, sports) and hobbies
    • tell the time
    • talk about favorite activities at different seasons
    • speak about preferences in food
    • speak about past events using was / were
    • ask and explain how to get to a place
  • Vocabulary

    Students expand vocabulary on the following topics:

    • classroom
    • emotions
    • animals
    • toys
    • sport
    • family
    • colors
    • food
    • months
    • public places
    • household items
  • Grammar

    Level 2 (Starters) grammar includes the following definitions and structures:

    • this / these / that / those
    • can / can't
    • have / haven't, has / hasn't
    • mine, yours, his, hers, theirs, ours
    • him, her, them, it
    • articles a / an and ending -s with plurals
    • Present Simple
    • Present Continuous
    • how much / how many
    • a lot of, some, not much, not many
    • was / were
  • Reading

    Students can put letters into syllables and read simple words.