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English for 10-11 year old kids

This age is significant for a child's physical and mental development. Considering all specific psychological features of 10-11 y.o. elementary students has helped us to design an educational program appropriate for this age.

Boundary Age

Generally, kids of this age study in the 4th or 5th grade. This means that they are either preparing for middle school or have just started their secondary education. This move has a huge impact on kids’ self-consciousness, behaviour and attitude towards learning.
Biologically, this age is also the last step before puberty - a new level of development with many transformations of their cognitive and physiological processes.

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By the age of 10-11 y.o. kids already understand how to learn and what they want to learn. However, they are mainly motivated by curiosity and the exciting experience brought by gaining knowledge.

Psychological features of 10-11 year-old kids

    • Show great enthusiasm toward learning, but still like playing games.
    • Involuntary memory is replaced by voluntary memory. Kids are now able to concentrate for a longer time.
    • A child starts to study independently, without a tutor’s guidance. They can easily perform a given task.
    • Self-reflection is developing; even such little kids can rely on their previous experience and manage their actions and behaviour.

Novakid program for Movers is a course of exciting and enlightening online lessons. During these lessons, students not only improve lexical and grammar skills but also study new information and school subjects in English.


English for 10 and 11 year olds in Novakid

Special format of classes

Special format of classes

The Novakid program for schoolchildren of 10 an 11 years old considers all psycho-physiological peculiarities of this age. Our teaching plans incorporate intuitive cognition techniques for teaching grammatical constructions and lexical units. Children learn the material through visual, audial and kinesthetic associations. They use the English language not as a result of learning but as a tool for further learning and communication. We do our best to support our students and build up their self-confidence.
Result at the core

Result at the core

As a result, the child learns the grammar and vocabulary required by international standards. They can communicate and speak about topics of interest to themselves. At the end of the course, children aged 10-11 are ready to take the Cambridge level A1 Movers (YLE) exam (Speaking, Listening, Reading).