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Hi! I am Teacher Arnel C. Over the years, I have been teaching as a member of a volunteer group that helps people cope with life challenges. I started teaching ESL online in 2020 and quickly gained a steady roster of regular students ages 3 to 13. I discovered a fondness for teaching young kids that gives me an extra boost in carrying out a long day of teaching. I realized that allowing a student-centric class that is carried out organically allows the student to enjoy the class. Different age groups and personalities require different approaches to teaching. Taking this into account helps ensure an enjoyable learning experience for the child and a successful impartation of knowledge for the teacher. When I have free time, I like to dabble on the ukulele. I find it refreshing and entertaining for my students. It is also a very good icebreaker. I connect with kids easily and I have developed different approaches to teaching and tools that appeal to different personalities and ages.
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Arnel C

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