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English alphabet songs – best songs to learn alphabet

There are a number of ways you can teach your children English and, specifically, the English alphabet. For example, YouTube is brimming with English songs about letters. Practical knowledge tells us it’s always easier to memorise something if provided with a rhythm, and a song is a particularly good way to make use of such a method.

English alphabet song

One of the most popular ones is the classic ABC Song, introduced to generation after generation. It is available on the KidsTV123 channel. Simple content, specifying all English letters one after another, is quite helpful to learn and remember all that is needed.

Another one is the Alphabet Chant, available on the LingoKids Songs and Playlearning channel. It mixes naming letters with some rhythmic chanting that enables children to connect with the letters.

A bit more complex is the Phonics Song with Two Words. It is available on the ChuChu TV Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs channel. This one demonstrates all letters one after another, at the same time specifying two words starting with each letter (with suitable pictures). It stands out as it also indicates a phone (that is, a speech sound) related to each letter, allowing children to understand how it is pronounced in a word. The same channel also features a 3D version of the song, named Phonics Song with Two Words in 3D.

For anyone more interested in rap music, there is also such a version of alphabet songs, named ABC Rap / Alphabet Rap, available on the English Vitamin Bubbles channel. It specifies all the letters and provides typical words starting with each letter, showing an appropriate picture in the background.

 Learn English with song

If you want to encourage your children to learn the English alphabet and to engage in some physical activity at the same time, the Alphabet Song available on the CBeebies channel features a young woman demonstrating a dance routine to a clever alphabet song. This could be a lot of fun!

It is also possible to learn both the alphabet and the animals which roam the Earth. On the Dream English Kids channel, there is a song which features a young man singing the alphabet letters and the names of various animals which show up in the background. The footage shows real animals, however, sometimes with added simpler pictures of some of them.

Any problems putting your children to bed? You can try the ABC Lullaby Song, available on the The Singing Walrus – English Songs For Kids channel. It’s a calm lullaby which allows your kid to fall asleep with the alphabet on his or her mind. Just remember to switch it off before the 2:20 mark as it bizarrely concludes with a high-pitched falsetto that is neither calming nor sleep-inducing.

If you’re looking for a longer video, the ABC Song, available on the Cocomelon – Nursery Rhymes channel, may come in handy. However, it is not a song in itself, more like learning material with some onomatopoeic sounds, choral pronunciation of letters and words, with some songs thrown in between. The video shows letters, animals and things representing specific letters in an attempt to help children memorise each letter more easily. For each letter, many examples are shown, with some explanations that might be helpful to understand both how the letters and words are pronounced and how the words fit in specific sentences and situations. Practical knowledge mixed with theory, neat, huh? Keep in mind, however, this video requires some basic English-speaking skills as there are full sentences being used to describe what happens in the video. However, the words are simple, and the pronunciation is precise.

The aforementioned songs will help your children to learn the English alphabet and have a lot of fun doing it. If you want to learn more, there are websites like British Council , which you may find useful when searching for some additional educational material for your kids. There are many places on the web that provide both fun and education for our young ones.

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