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Explore Italian Val Chisone with Novakid’s travel blogger Elisa

Summer holidays are the perfect time to explore the world! Novakid online English school invites you to join our exciting virtual trips around the most beautiful places in the world prepared by our curious and restless Novakids Travel Bloggers. Get inspired and plan your next adventure with Novakid!

The first stop is beautiful Italy, one of the most sophisticated destinations in Europe. Get ready to explore Val Chisone, valley of western Piedmont in north-west Italy, with Elisa, the winner of Novakid’s Travel Blogger competition. Elisa will share some tips on how to make your hiking in Val Chisone unforgettable! 

Are you ready to hit the road? Your adventure starts here!

Get ready to discover more amazing places

Each week Novakid will invite you on a new adventure with young travelers! Next week we will explore the Spanish island of Tenerife. Stay tuned!

To get to know a new place, just visiting it is not enough. We are sure that the people will complete the place! Let your child make friends all over the world and sign them up for a trial English lesson at Novakid. 

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