Online English classes for kids 4-12 years old

  • Game-based classes
  • Classes with native English speakers
  • Engaging program for kids
  • Individual 25 minute classes
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Why it works

Language immersion

Learning with a native speaker is the fastest way to get quick results. It's great practice and has lots of positive benefits.

Experienced teachers

Every teacher in our team is a certified ESL specialist with online teaching experience.

From simple to complex

We start with simple things and gradually increase the level of complexity. At the same time, we control the education process and continuously revise and improve the learning material.

Classes from home

Parents save time and money they'd otherwise spend on travelling to offline schools and tutors. Kids study in a comfortable home environment without the worry of catching the flu 🙂.

Age-appropriate program

The program is created by experienced English-speaking specialists and is focused on educational and the psychological characteristics of children aged 4-12.

European standard of education

The program is based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

You will get

Convenient parent’s account

We use our website to organise classes. There is no need to install additional software or buy textbooks. And for even more convenience we have developed a mobile application for parents!

Game Account for Kids

Specially for students we have launched a unique account. Learning English now is like playing a game! Kids choose avatars, complete home tasks, and earn certificates and stars!


Students and teachers meet in a virtual classroom. Colorful visual materials, exciting topics, interactive exercises, drawing, songs and games - everything here works for learning and involvement.

Progress Control

After each class, parents get teachers’ feedback and class videos. You are always aware of your child’s achievements. Plus Novakid professionals constantly track students’ results and adjust program accordingly.

Lessons with VR tours

During the lessons, children and teachers go on VR tours around the world's best museums and art galleries, visit the most famous places on the planet, and discuss what they see in English!
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lessons with teachers who are fluent in English and do not speak your child's native language

lessons with native English speakers (UK, USA, SA, Canada)

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Novakid teachers

You can schedule lessons with one or several teachers.


South Africa
Teaching experience: 4 years


Teaching experience: 10 years


South Africa
Teaching experience: 3 years

Ashleigh B

the United Kingdom
Teaching experience: 6 years


the Philippines
Teaching experience: 5 years


the Philippines
Teaching experience: 4 years


Teaching experience: 4 years


South Africa
Teaching experience: 3 years


South Africa
Teaching experience: 7 years


Teaching experience: 6 years


the Philippines
Teaching experience: 5 years


South Africa
Teaching experience: 8 years


Teaching experience: 4 years


South Africa
Teaching experience: 25 years


the Philippines
Teaching experience: 4 years
And 1000 teachers more!
  • Native speakers with more than 2 years of teaching experience.
  • Teachers attend monthly training to continue their Professional Development.
  • All Novakid teachers are certified by CELTA, TEFL, TESOL or TKT.
  • Passionate professional teachers will open the exciting world of the English language to your child.

Mobile Application for Parents

Handy schedule planningEasy balance managementClear progress control

Questions and answers

Will my child understand the lesson if teachers only speak English?
A Novakid lesson is not only language practice but also an interesting game. This format allows to engage kids easily. Students look at slides while teachers try to explain what is in them with words or mimics and gestures. Without translation or additional explanations, kids start to understand the material. After some classes students get used to the format and can easily understand instructions, repeat, choose or answer their teachers.
Can I use a smartphone to learn?
In a Novakid classroom, children write and draw on the virtual board, see themselves and the teacher. The size of a mobile phone screen is not enough for the child to clearly watch their teachers articulate sounds, their mimics or write the necessary words on the board. We care about the learning process and advise you to use a PC, a laptop or a tablet.
How to continue the program after a trial lesson?
To continue the program, please subscribe to a plan or purchase a package in your account by clicking “Balance top-up” button. You are now ready to plan your schedule (“Schedule” button).
How can I schedule regular lessons?
You can choose convenient days and times, as well as teachers in your account by clicking “Schedule” button. If you experience difficulties setting a schedule, please, contact Novakid support via chat or by phone .
How to cancel or move a lesson?
You can cancel a lesson in your account no later than 8 hours before the lesson starts. It is also possible to move a lesson with the same teacher to another time within the next 7 days (if there is a free slot) no later than 1 hour before the lesson.
How can I pay for lessons?
You can pay for the lessons in your personal account by clicking the "Balance top-up” button on pages “Main Page” or “Account”. You are welcome to subscribe to 1, 2 or more lessons per week for a period of 4, 12 or 24 weeks. Subscription for 4 weeks renews automatically at the end of each period. Long subscription for 12 and 24 weeks are paid as one-time payment without automatic renewal. Every 4 weeks, 50% of the cost of unused lessons will be returned to your bonus account.
Do parents need to be at the lesson?
We recommend parents join the first lesson, but this is not required for future lessons. If your child is 4-6 years old, it is especially important to support them emotionally during the trial lesson. We ask parents of pre-schoolers to stay in the lesson until children get used to the teacher and online learning (usually 4-8 lessons).
We had tech issues during the lesson. What do we do now?
  • Make sure to use Google Chrome browser if you connect from a desktop, laptop, Macbook or a tablet (Android OS). If you connect from an iPad (OS iOs), use the Safari browser.
  • Refresh the page.
  • Check the microphone and camera .
  • Reboot the device.
  • Go to your personal account and click “Equipment test” button on the main page.
  • If the steps above did not help, contact support via chat or by phone .
We couldn't complete or reschedule a trial lesson. What should we do?
To repeat or move a trial lesson please contact Novakid support via online chat .
How to get a discount?
  • Seasonal discounts and promotions are published in official groups on social media.
  • Refferal program - get bonuses for each friend you bring to Novakid.
  • Check out the "Bonuses" page in your account.
Can several children participate in a lesson at the same time?
The Novakid program is designed for one-on-one classes with native speakers. Teachers track students' results and adjust the course according to their progress. We will be happy to add your second child to your account and offer a free trial class for them. We also give a special discount for families with 3 students! 😊
How long does the lessons last?
A lesson in Novakid lasts for 25 minutes. Many scientific studies show that this is the optimal time for children to concentrate at individual lessons with native speakers. If you think your child is ready, you are welcome to schedule 2 lessons in a row.