English for beginner kids

When learning our native language, we first listen and begin to speak; then, we learn letters and start reading and writing. This way of learning is how English lessons for beginners should be organised.

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A phrase?...
Why a phrase?
And what about words?

A beginner student needs to be presented with all speech intentions as expressions. Of course, at first, they will be the simplest and easiest to remember.

There will also be individual words. But these words are not introduced separately. Instead, they are presented as options that will allow you to use the given phrase to convey shades of meaning.

First lesson

The following is what happens as a result of a well-organised first lesson with a child who is just beginning to learn a language:

  • Auditory and pronouncing skills are developed.
  • Phrases of social and everyday communication are remembered, and children use them in their speech automatically.
  • The psychological barrier is removed, English does not evoke any fear.
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How to organise the correct introduction?

  • Create an atmosphere of trust and win the child over through friendly facial expressions and warm conversation.
  • Use a toy as an intermediary between a teacher and a child to help you spark interest in the beginner student. Teachers use them in the game, engaging the child in the learning process.
  • Create conditions that simulate complete immersion in the language environment, helping the student develop the ability to perceive English speech.
  • Teach English through communication. In lessons, the conversation between a teacher and a student is crucial.
  • Encourage students to take part in the dialogue from the very first lessons. Listen and repeat several times so a simple phrase will be firmly remembered, and over time, if necessary, a child will recall it.
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What about grammar?

Grammar is essential from the very beginning. Building a solid grammar base is something that a teacher working with beginners should focus on after creating an atmosphere of trust and establishing a speech contact.

Grammatical structures are introduced as support schemes with wide use of visuals. Grammatical structures are always solidified through play.

Why play?

Game-based English classes for beginners always spark children's genuine interest and desire to learn. It is not surprising this approach allows students to get good results faster. If you want your child, who is just starting to learn English from scratch, to have a wonderful start, and you want the lessons to inspire them, Novakid Online English School offers video lessons in English. They are taught by teachers who are specially trained to work with children. They know how to make your child speak English from the very first lesson. Don’t believe it? Then take a free trial lesson!

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