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Nível 1

Nível 1 do programa Novakid foi desenvolvido para crianças de 6 a 7 anos. De uma forma divertida e envolvente, os alunos expandem significativamente seu vocabulário e dominam as estruturas gramaticais básicas. Eles começam a ler em inglês, entendem as perguntas dirigidas a ele.

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Communication skills
Listening comprehension

By the end of Level 1 (Juniors) students will be able to:

  • have a simple conversation: say their name and age, answer the question "How are you?"
  • speak about their family, toys and items in the classroom
  • describe their appearance and clothes
  • speak about their preferences
  • tell what is in their room
  • tell about the location of items
  • talk about what they can or can not do
  • diga as horas em ingles
  • count to 20

Students expand vocabulary on the following topics:

  • classroom
  • face parts
  • emotions
  • household items
  • family members
  • numbers
  • food
  • colors
  • furniture
  • action verbs
  • seasons
  • toys
  • days of the week
  • clothes

Level 1 (Juniors) grammar includes the following definitions and structures:

  • this / that / these / those
  • there is / there are
  • I am / you are / he is / she is / it is / etc.
  • possessive forms (This is Bill's cup, This is Ann's watch)
  • have got / haven't got / has got / hasn't got (I have got a sister, She hasn't got a toy car)
  • like and don't like
  • there is / there are
  • can / can't
  • using lowercase and capital letters with names of people, days of the week, at the beginning of the sentence

Students will be able to understand the teacher speech based on the learned words and grammar.

Students know the English alphabet and confidently read words consisting of 1-2 syllables.

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