Learning English with Novakid

Novakid Online English School for сhildren provides video lessons for children from 4 to 12 years old. The school is one-of-a-kind in that we teach English through conversation between a native speaker and a student.

Why Novakid?


Our 25-minute lessons only include live communication. This approach immerses children in the language environment to help them learn English through emotions, facial expressions, gestures and body language!

  • No boring exercises
    No boring exercises
  • No grammar cramming
    No grammar cramming
  • No marks
    No marks

Levels of Education

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For Schoolchildren

English lesson differ from other subjects at school. Our goal is to teach kids how to communicate in English...

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For Beginners

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For Preschoolers and Kids

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What does the learning process consist of?


The programme is divided into different levels according to the age and level of English proficiency. Each level has its own lexical, grammatical and speaking topics focused on the age-specific needs of students.


Our teaching methodology is based on knowledge of the psychological characteristics of each age group.


The teacher assesses proficiency at the introductory free lesson to further adjust the English course to the child’s abilities.


After each lesson, parents receive a report with the lesson description, the child's progress, homework and learning recommendations.

Who studies here?


Who studies here?

Novakid is for children aged 4 to 12– preschoolers and school children. You can start learning at any age and with any English proficiency. Since classes are given individually, each student has his or her own curriculum.

The purpose of teaching English to preschoolers is to introduce them to the language, arouse interest and help them take their first steps in learning the language. Also, these lessons contribute to the overall development of children through play and develop phonetic skills through English songs.

While teaching English to school children, we show that English is fun and fascinating, help them love the language and encourage them to learn it. Primary school students learn the language through game-based activities, and Novakid helps 5th and 6th graders deepen their knowledge in other school subjects.

    What does a class include?

  • 01
    The lesson lasts for 25 minutes. This time is enough for a child not to get tired and to learn and solidify new knowledge.
  • 02
    In Novakid, we do not have textbooks or notebooks. Our teaching materials are interactive presentations.
  • 03
    We do not give marks. But teachers use game elements– correct answers are recorded in the personal account as reward stars. This technique motivates students to learn much better than marks do.
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What are the advantages of learning English in Novakid?


Classes last for 25 minutes – this is the time of active learning.


Lessons are given individually. So a teacher can adjust a programme to a specific student, and parents can choose a convenient schedule.


The programme has different levels, each taking into account both age and psychological characteristics of children.


Learning the language not from textbooks but through live communication in English based on an interactive presentation.


The teachers at the school do not speak the student’s native language, so children are immersed in the language environment and learn to communicate only in English, which helps students understand foreign-language speakers.


In every lesson, students can see their achievements on the board. Also, parents receive a detailed report that motivates and informs them.

Sign up for a trial lesson

Everyone can try it out right now – get a free trial lesson! You will like it, and the progress will not be too long in coming.

Sign up for a trial lesson

Everyone can try it out right now – get a free trial lesson! You will like it, and the progress will not be too long in coming.

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